Annual Evaluation of KPI’s

Diarrhoea has been recognized as the second leading cause of death for children under five. Globally, diarrhoea leads to about 1.5 million child deaths each year. One out of every five children who die of Diarrhoea worldwide, is an Indian. India accounts for highest number of Diarrhoeal deaths. Among children below 11 months, over 1,00,000 die of Diarrhoea every year in India. More than 300 million episodes of acute Diarrhoea occur every year in India among children below 5 years of age.Adding to the misery, Diarrhoea is also known to contribute to nutritional deficiencies, reduced resistance to infections, impaired growth, and development. There is ample evidence to suggest that lack of access to safe, clean drinking water and basic sanitation, as well as poor hygiene cause nearly 90% of all deaths from diarrhoea.



Save the Children is implementing an initiative named Stop Diarrhoea project  which is supported by Reckitt Benckiser and is aimed at contributing to the reduction in diarrhoea-related deaths among children under-five in 9 districts (North and South Delhi, Haridwar, Udham Singh Nagar, Shravasthi, Pilibhit, Behraich, Balrampur and Ward 58 & 65) in the 4 states of Delhi, Uttarakhand, West Bengal & Uttar Pradesh.



AMS was commissioned to conduct a survey to evaluate the performance of the project on the Key performance Indicators (KPI) of WASH and Diarrhoea Management. The following report pertains to the findings of the survey.



Objective of the Survey


The main objective of the survey was to understand the improvement in the KPIs after a year of implementation activities undertaken in the concerned states/districts/blocks. The specific objective of the surveys is to capture:

 The personal hygiene practices of the households regarding water and sanitation

 The knowledge and practice level of community workers on WASH

 Knowledge and practice level of front line health workers managing Diarrhoea and other