What to do in case you contract Diarrhoea

If you have diarrhoea you should drink plenty of fluids. Suitable fluids include:

  • water;
  • oral rehydration fluids (available from pharmacies);
  • diluted cordial concentrate (one part cordial concentrate to 20 parts water); and
  • diluted soft drink or juice (one part juice or soft drink to 5 parts water).

Do not drink undiluted flat lemonade or other undiluted soft drinks, as the high glucose content may draw fluid into the gut, causing more diarrhoea.


Other self-help measures include the following.

  • Restrict food intake if you have gastroenteritis with vomiting. Children with gastroenteritis should be allowed to eat once they feel hungry.
  • When you start eating, eat only bland, dry foods, avoiding grains and uncooked fruit and vegetables.
  • Restrict consumption of fatty, sweet or spicy foods for 48 hours.
  • Watch for signs of dehydration, especially in children and the elderly.


Some children may experience lactose intolerance (inability to digest milk sugars) for some time after the diarrhoea has settled. If this is the case, you should seek medical advice about how to re-introduce dairy products to their diet.