Experience Sharing and Learning Workshop

The experience sharing and learning workshop was organized by Save the Children with the objective to share the mid-term progress and learning under its Stop Diarrhoea Initiative project with key government departments, various civil society organizations, NGO partners etc. 

Save the Children partnership with Reckitt and Benckiser (RB) was highlighted for a program especially focused on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in 2012, which further provided the genesis of Stop Diarrhoea Initiative project in 2015, focused on WHO-UNICEF 7 Point Plan to prevent and control diarrhoea.  

A brief introduction about Stop Diarrhoea Initiative and the progress made by the programme by midyear of the period was shared with the participants. Various facts related to childhood mortality due to diarrhoea globally as well as in India were highlighted with the participants. States with high prevalence of diarrhoea as per National Family Health Survey (2015-16) were also focused.

Midterm progress against targets of key performance indicators (KPIs) were shared with the participants and key priorities and challenges were discussed like i) Zinc and ORS coverage; ii)  Roll out of Rotavirus vaccine in SDI project locations; iii) Behavior change methods for community to attain ODF; iv) Integration and synergy between major departments for combating diarrhoea effectively.  

Key speakers of the inaugural session, Dr. Ajay Khera from MoHFW and Dr. Dinesh Chand from MDWS shared the perspective of ministries on diarrhoea prevention and control. Dr. Khera shared about Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight (IDCF), a specific campaign on diarrhoea prevention and control through which GoI was able to reach 56 million children last year. GoI efforts for availability of Zinc tablets for every child and the new specific guidelines to strengthen the hospital for hospitalization of children with dehydration and pneumonia were discussed. GoI perspective on expansion of Rotavirus vaccine in the country in phased manner was also explained.

 Dr. Chand emphasized that diarrhoea prevention and control is not just the task for Health department, but all the related departments should get together with a common objective. He shared that MDWS is planning to have solid waste management system in place especially in rural areas. However, for behavior change of the community, which is a key task, NGOs and other agencies efforts are required.