ICT based module on diarrhoea prevention and control

Modules on diarrhoea prevention and control, based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), have been developed based on a comprehensive training and capacity needs assessment and analysis across four states in India comprising Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Delhi where the SDI project has been implemented. The assessment suggested a need of training of a range of facility and community level health and development workers on several topics. The needs assessment also suggested availability of the training resources which is available in local language, near to place of their worker and easy and simple to learn. These findings guided the process of development of this open training and learning resource.

During the process of development of these modules, content structuring was done to suite to the requirements of the participants, efforts were made to make the content more interactive by bringing conversation mode. In order to improve the engagement and improve learning of the course participants, interactive assessment has been inbuilt in the structure of the modules. These modules also used voice over in Hindi, Bangla and English and are compatible with a range of devices.


Followings below mentioned are some of the purposes of the ICT modules

It promotes continuous learning of the health and development workers.

  1. It encourages self-learning and provides a reference guide on range health, nutrition and community development topics including social mobilization.
  2. It addresses the challenges of standardization of instruction and quality issues of classroom facilitation in large scale training programs.
  3. It ensures simplification of complex topics and easy presentation of the content using animation, graphics and voice over.
  4. Developing an interactive reference material for the workers to visit periodically to refresh knowledge and skills.