Non-Emergency Child Helpline

Save the Children has established a Non-Emergency Child Helpline in Uttar Pradesh with an aim to use information communication and technology for enhancing the quality of care, bridge the gaps in healthcare services and improve access to reliable and actionable healthcare information.

A toll free number “1800 313 6465” has been allotted to this helpline and is functional from 28th June 2017 in project districts (Bahraich, Balrampur, Shrawasti and Pilibhit) of Uttar Pradesh. 

Following are the main features of the helpline:

1.    Helpline is functional from 10.00am to 07.00pm for 7 days in week. 
2.    In case client is unable to reach helpline, helpline calls back at its own cost.
3.    Helpline pushes messages through SMS.
4.    Community can lodge/register grievances of non-emergency services.  In case a grievance is reported, executive will make note of the same and enter it into the grievance MIS. 

The helpline executives have been provided intensive training to ensure complete understanding of Stop Diarrhea Initiative, diarrhea counseling, and related issues. These executives were provided with a ready reference guide with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their responses. 

Save the Children, Uttar Pradesh has received the approval from National Health Mission- Uttar Pradesh for implementation of Helpline number in all 4 project districts along with the consent to use FAQ and content of bulk messages.