Supply Chain Management

IMACS- Operations Study on Procurement and Supply Chain Management of ORS, Zinc, vitamin ‘A’ and vaccine (measles) from state/ district levels to the health facilities and community level health workers in public system


Save the Children, a leading independent child rights organization, works on 5 core themes in India including Health & Nutrition (Child Survival) in collaboration with the Government, civil society organizations and communities across 16 states. Recognising the high magnitude of diarrhoea incidence in India, Save the Children has adopted the WHO-UNICEF ‘7-point plan’ for prevention


and control of diarrhoea through Stop Diarrhoea Initiative (SDI) which is a flagship programme of the organization with a focus on 6 rural districts and 3 urban locations in 4 states, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi. One of the key components of the programme is to ensure demand for and access to standard treatment of diarrhoea comprising Zinc and ORS, besides routine immunisation for children under-5 years of age, in line with Government of India guidelines.


This study was undertaken for Save the Children to assess the existing process and systems of supply chain management of ORS, Zinc, Vitamin A and Measles vaccine.