Training Module

A module for understanding the WHO-UNICEF 7 point plan for diarrhoea control was developed by stop Diarrhoea Initiative and trainings organized for the field implementation staff. The strategic objective was that the field staff in SDI project at district and below district levels understand the 7 point plan for controlling diarrhea and are effectively able to deliver key messages pertaining to health, nutrition and WASH sectors, in the community. The Intermediate Results sought from the trainings on the module were-

  • The staff understands the 7 point plan of SDI.
  • The staff is better prepared to deliver key messages around diarrhea prevention and control
  • The staff knows and understands the activities required to be conducted in delivering communication package
  • The staff knows how to document the activities conducted at the field level
  • The staff is prepared to conduct the training further to field staff  

The Specific Objectives of the were  that by the end of the training the participants will be

  • able to understand the basic concepts in diarrhea control and prevention
  • familiar with the seven point plan of WHO/UNICEF
  • familiar with key messages to be delivered and the processes to be followed to deliver these messages and documenting them under SDI
  • able to understand basic concepts in health communication and do’s and don’ts in the community

able to acquire some skills to facilitate training for staff at block or sub block levels 

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